ADD-NI is currently compiling a petition of signatures to highlight the level of need for understanding amongst educators throughout Northern Ireland, we hope this will in-turn assist young people with AD/HD in the Northern Ireland education system to reach their full potential.

Young people with AD/HD in education require teachers and support staff to understand their condition and give them the support needed, enabling them to thrive in an enviroment they are not genetically suited to.  A publication from the Consortium of International Scientists (2002) reported that people with AD/HD are more likely NOT to complete education (30-40%). 

Research conducted on behalf of ADD-NI by Aoibhe Kieran, Educational Psychologist in training, 2007, regarding young people and their experiences in education noted, that the experiences of young people with AD/HD in school impacts on subsequent career development.  Therefore we want our young people with AD/HD in Northern Ireland to remain in school and reach their full potential, but more understanding by those in educator roles needs to be achieved.

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