Volunteers in ADD-NI

ADD-NI activity promotes the use of volunteers within our organisation in the following ways:

Our Management Committee is made up of volunteer members and comprise of skilled individuals who include parents, young people, senior medical professionals, and other professional disciplines who have experience, skills and expertise in the area of AD/HD.

Our Youth Committee is made up of 10 young people who make a valuable contribution to the organisation.  Our Senior Management Committee also has a youth committee member representing the voice of young people with AD/HD.  The youth committee have also been engaged in providing peer support within the young people’s programmes and assisted in external training.

Administrative support and help with clerical duties.  Parents who have attended the centre for some considerable time play an important role in supporting first time members. We also have a fund raising team to help raise additional funds.

Students are provided placements from QUB and University of Ulster.  Without the valuable input of our many volunteers this organisation would not have been able to succeed.

If you wish to becoming involved in volunteering for ADD-NI, please contact the centre on 028 90 200 110. 

ADD-NI have a policy on volunteering within the organisation - click on the link to see this full policy.