Leave a Legacy


Leave a Legacy to ADD- NI
You can greatly assist our work by remembering ADD-NI Children’s Charity in your will.

Legacies are vital to the work of ADD-NI in being able to guarantee our support services for future generations in the years to come. Do please give active consideration to making a bequest to ADD-NI NI by either making a new will or adding a codicil to your existing one. Remember, you do not have to be wealthy to make a difference. Legacies of all sizes play an invaluable role in our work.

Any gift to ADD-NI doesn’t necessarily have to be a large amount, but all gifts are and will be most greatly appreciated. You may like to leave a specific sum such as £50, £500 or even £1,000. Or alternatively leave a share of your estate after you have made provisions for your nearest and dearest.

As an alternate to a monetary sum, you may also like to consider leaving a gift of memorabilia of an item that you think may be of value to ADD-NI. Just think of the vital difference your gift could make to a family who is living with AD/HD.

In Making a Will

  • Protect your loved ones. You cannot assume that your partner or family will inherit everything after your death. Making a will ensures that your wishes are adhered to.


  • Leave a legacy to ADD-NI Children’s Charity. Leaving something to charity means that your legacy of support will be continued and remembered even after your death.


  • Use a Solicitor. A Will is a legal document so you should ask a solicitor to write it. Solicitors normally charge a fixed rate small charge for Will writing.


  • Already made your Will? If you have already made your will minor changes can be made by a Codicil which is a legal addition to your will. Your solicitor can advise you on how to add a charitable bequest.

We hope that you will consider leaving ADD-NI Children’s Charity a gift in your Will. Your act of kindness, which will cost nothing in your lifetime, will help to secure a brighter future for children, young people and families with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder for generations to come.

For further information, please feel free to contact our Donations Section on Tel: 028 9020 0110 or email us at: addni.net AT donations.

Pledge Form

If you have already left a legacy to us, or if you intend to, we’d like to firstly express our gratitude to you.

If you would kindly complete the Pledge Form (download here), We will be most pleased to keep you up to date with our work by sending you our newsletter.

Thank you.