About Us


Who we are…

ADD-NI was originally established in 1997 as a support network for children, young people and families of those affected by AD/HD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADD-NI provides a unique and specialised service, based in South Belfast. We originally established our services in the greater Belfast area, however we have over the years widen our service provision areas due to the level of need in Northern Ireland, regionally and now have a satelite office based in Dungannon, The Hub of the North. Our sole aim is to promote and support the needs of those affected by AD/HD.


Aims of our Organisation

  • To provide support and information and raise awareness of the disorder across the province
  • To work in partnership with children, young people and adults affected by AD/HD, their families and other agencies
  • Through support, early intervention and preventative programmes we aim to build on each child / young person’s individual strengths enabling them to achieve their full potential

(All programmes have undergone rigorous evaluation to ensure high quality and effective services. Our programmes are facilitated by staff who hold qualifications in either Clinical Psychology, Social Work, Art Therapy & Counselling).